working mom a.k.a That Time I Typed "brb" & you waited 5 months

Remember me?  Here I sit, sheepishly waving at you.  It’s been a while.

What happened?  Well, I decided to experiment with the land of the working 9-5 (9-8 really) mother…and lost all sense of time!  I don’t know how you do it, working moms.  Hats off to you.  Between watching helplessly in horror every morning from inside a hurried steamy shower while my toddler opened all my Chanel nail polish bottles to amuse himself, to frantically texting plans for playdates while in the back of a cab en route to work, and rushing home at night only to inherit a freshly bathed, sweet-smelling, cranky little boy who was ready for bed, it just seemed like I needed to find another solution that fit our family.

I see I neglected to mention my husband, the one who received harried phone calls begging him to be home in time to take over from the nanny so we didn’t have to keep paying her time-and-a-half, the one who became so adept at ordering dinner from Seamless every night without complaint, and the one who took over all dog-walking duties.  That one.  I think he's glad to be allowed off the roller-coaster, along with my anxiety-prone doggy, who is just happy to have me back at home for now.  Someone has to watch him skulk around all day, acting like a cat, after all.

I look at my many wonderful Superwoman friends who manage to juggle their careers with their families and think, “Wow!  It IS possible, I just need to find the right thing!” which for me means flexibility.  Also I REALLY missed not having the physical and mental prowess to sit down and think of anything to write to you, my one-sided penpals.  So I took the summer off to regroup.

I’m happy to be back to Posh Pooping and I…pledge to poop frequently (and poshly)?  Will that do?  Shall we talk more about poop tomorrow?  Because we’re going to.  See you on Friday!

Oh and when I said I’d come home to a toddler who was “ready for bed,” I meant MY bed.  Ah yes, there comes a point, usually after approximately 10 midnight visits to my room in a 3-hour span, where even I give in and just move over.  I am ashamed to say now his little starry toddler pillow has won a permanent spot in between ours.  My little vampire has risen once again.  And again.  And again.  FML.

Actually, don’t FML.  It’s September 11th and it’s been a depressing day in the news.  Seeing all these families grieve not only makes my heart break and relive every second from that day, but more importantly makes me fervently appreciate all the loved ones I do have. 

Hug those you have a little tighter tonight, to honor all those who can’t.