The Posh Poop Gift Guide 2017: 10 Beauty Picks to *Sleigh* All Season (cringe)

You know how that Christmas song goes... "4 lipsticks paired, 3 dryer balls, 2 polish sets, and an eye maaask in a pear tree....!" No? Is that just my Christmas song?  

I wanted to put a quick beauty-centric list together for all budgets. So if you're looking for a stocking stuffer, a White Elephant present, or just a little pick-me-up for that mommy-friend in your life, look no further than this! But first let's start the list off with something unusual...  


Little Lamb Wool Dryer Balls - $13.99 (6 pack)

Have I lost you already? Sounds like the worst gift ever but just go with me on this. I’ve used mine for 3 years now and I love them. These cut down on drying time, and there’s no need to buy ridiculously expensive baby softeners anymore. Yay!

Also, adding a drop or two of essential oils to your balls will result in a lightly scented load. That sentence just sounds wrong. Do not read out loud. Or use on your man.


Nails Inc. Sparkle Like A Unicorn Polish Duo - $15

Nails Inc Unicorn Polish Duo.JPG

Do it for the ‘gram. Who knew the obsession of tweens and teens everywhere was also suitable for adults?! I went to pick this up for my nieces and tried it on a whim...and left with an additional set. “Treat myself,” I whispered softly as my iPhone gently buzzed with the sound of Apple Pay (btw Apple Pay is so amazing, but, decidedly not free, though it may feel like it. That’s the last time I check my Amex app - buzzkill.) The metallic and iridescent colors are actually rather soft and will look so great on Insta, against the background of a nuzzling baby or a bottle of milk. Yes, we use children as photo props for our nails. What? One of the perks. Treat yo’self, indeed. 


Wishing On A Star Nail Polish Gift Set - $25

Wishes and Kisses.jpg

Like above but with smaller bottles, four colors, and prettier gift can’t go wrong. And really, when is she going to make time for that manicure anyway? Better to have some glitter, a bold red, and a soft gleam on hand (haha, literally) at home. Best when applied frantically, with the innate knowledge that her child will need something approximately 90 seconds later. That said, it’s a very smooth and foolproof application. You might want to include a quick-drying top coat with this gift!


Wander Beauty Read My Lips Set - $35 

read my lips .jpg

Why it’s good for new moms: So she can greet you at the door in more than chapped lips, and at least look presentable while she listens to your New Year’s Eve plans with wild-eyed desperation and a foggy memory of what life was like a few months (read: lifetime) ago.

Also generally a fantastic set for moms of any age. Four moisturizing mattes in both light and bright hues. You know I’m a big fan of matte (the finish, not the man...but now I might just request a moisturizing Matt at my next spa appointment), and there’s also one soft golden hue which is perfect for adding some holiday gleam to the center of the lips, brow-bones, or cheekbones. Oh, and they clip in to a sleek magnetic tube so you (I mean she...or you #treatyoself) can always have a day color & a night color on hand in that diaper bag or office tote. From Colic to Cocktails. Or boardroom to Boulet. Or wherever, you won’t lose your lipstick is my point. I mean she


Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Hydra-Gel Eye Patches - $52 (30 pairs)

water gel 2.JPG

DJ Khaled baritone: And another one...that‘s great on moms of all varieties. Help her drop some Hyaluronic acid with these fantastic de-puffing, soothing, and light serum-soaked eye patches. They don’t want you to look rested after having you’re gonna look rested! Ok sorry, I’ll stop now.

Seriously, if I were Oprah this would be one of my favourite things. I’m not a self-made billionaire with a media empire (yet), and it’s still one of my favourite things. Go figure.


Caudalie Beauty Elixir - $49 (100ml) 


Perfect for a new mom, tired mom, overworked mom, partying mom, travel-mad mom, mom-in-law, you get the drift. This legitimately HG-status item is so revered it even garnered its own Into The Gloss post a few years ago. A wonderfully fresh oil-infused spray, it can be used in the morning or as a refresher throughout the day. It's excellent to set make-up (what I use it for) and to give skin a natural glow. Who doesn't want that in the cold, dry winter? I keep one in my handbag for use on overnight flights, as well as in my suitcase! In fact, I took a few seconds away whilst typing this so I could go spray my face. Why I really like this as a gift: the frosted glass bottle looks expensive, I like that you can see a thin layer of oil before shaking it up, and it smells beautiful. 


Gift Cards from Sephora and Amazon 

Gift cards because why stress when you have the two best at your fingertips?! Sephora because of the wide range of beauty, fragrance and skincare available, and there's now no excuse not to buy that moisturizer/stretch mark cream/perfume that she’s been meaning to buy, even in the dead of night with a baby on her arm. And Amazon because of the sheer assortment and PRIME shipping. PRIME IS LIFE. I've woken up at 2am remembering we have no (insert item here) and ordered it within a few seconds. It's amazing and I've come to terms with the fact that Jeff Bezos is eventually going to be our overlord. Also, that thing about being able to shop at any time of day or night. The internet is so awesome, isn’t it? I just heart it so hard. Jeff BAEzos. 



Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 4.11.52 PM.png

Quality ingredients, beautiful scents, and innovative products all make this brand a great gift option. My favourites: Charity Pot Body Lotion ($27.95) - the BEST body lotion I have ever used, plus all proceeds go to various social responsibility missions around the world, Don't Look At Me Face Mask ($13.95) - a cookie-monster-blue brightening and exfoliating face mask with lemon juice and rice powder, with bonus points for scaring small children, H'Suan Wen Hua Hair Treatment ($21.95) - a softening and conditioning 20 minute pre-shower treatment, Rose Jam Bubble Bar ($8.95) - utter luxury, with rose oil and shea butter, bubbles, and a scent that will fill every inch of the room. Unless she hates roses, in which case this would be a terrible idea.    

Alright, officially that was 8 and unofficially that was 12, but either way math is not my strong point. 

I hope you enjoyed the read! If you end up getting any of these (or anything else that you love - shopping, basically I just want to hear about your shopping), I'd love to know!